Forum Thread: How to Use Remedies for Allergy & Astma

How to Use Remedies for Allergy & Astma

Some diseases like asthma or any kind of allergy have low immunity or low defense mechanism as a root cause for them. We can say allergies are combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Asthma is also a kind of allergy where there is narrowing of airways and person gets difficulty in breathing. Allergy can be related to upper or lower respiratory system.

Few to count are chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, and skin allergies like hay fever. Well, Home remedies for allergy and asthma have got very good results in the same.

These are easily available at home and can be practiced very in routine. Make use of turmeric, holy basil, ginger, garlic etc. as these deal with the symptoms and enhances immune system as well.

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