How To: Got a Headache? Skip the Aspirin and Have Some Sex Instead

Got a Headache? Skip the Aspirin and Have Some Sex Instead

Headaches. We all get them. It's one of the most common medical complaints out there, with about one in six Americans suffering from chronic head pain.

And even though it feels like it's coming from inside your brain directly, it's impossible. In reality, the brain itself cannot feel pain; that ache is actually coming from the nerves and muscles of your head, neck, and meninges, which is being picked up by the nerve endings around your brain.

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In the spectrum of headaches, there are two types: primary and secondary.

Primary headaches consist of migraine (reduced blood flow), tension (muscular strains), and cluster (reduced blood flow) headaches; none of which are associated with any type of underlying medical condition. Secondary headaches are associated with medical conditions, such as infections, fever, head injury, tumors, etc.

While the world of headaches may be complex, treating them (for the most part) is quite easy. Most headaches can be attended to with over-the-counter medications such acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Motrin), and aspirin (Bayer). Migraines are treated with drugs that block serotonin, such as sumatriptan (Imitrex).

If you're not much for OTC meds, there are plenty of home and natural remedies to help with head pain, like rubbing peppermint oil on your forehead, squeezing the webbed skin between your thumb and index finger, and digesting the root of a meadowsweet plant. You can even make your own aspirin-like tea using the bark of a willow tree.

But, as medical research advances, scientists have found more and more ways to cure headaches, with the newest studies showing that sexual activity may lead to relief of headaches and migraines.

The study, from the University of Munster, Germany, found that more than half of people with migraines who had sex during one, experienced an improvement in symptoms, if not a complete elimination of pain.

Sex releases endorphins, which in turn helps to reduce or completely take away a headache, which can be even more effective than taking painkillers.

While the majority of patients with headaches and migraines might have sexual activity during their pain as the last thing on their mind, the team of neurologists from Germany suggest that you should at least try it out, as almost two in three reported an "improvement of their migraine attack". Some of the patients (mostly the strange) have even begun using sex as a therapeutic tool to cure their headaches.

As if we didn't already need another excuse to have sex. I wonder if this works for hangovers, too?

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