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Forum Thread: Herbal Hair Oil Preparation for Hair Growth and Stop Hair Loss

Hair fall has become common problem these days due to several factors such as dandruff, environmental pollution, lack of appropriate nutrition, hair styling tools etc. so, people are hunting for home remedies that controls hair fall quickly. In this video, we have shown how to make hair oil using natural ingredients that stops hair fall and enhances hair growth while controlling dandruff. This hair oil is perfect for hair loss treatment. People who have hair loss can try this oil to control h...

Forum Thread: Elderberry Wine and Elderberry Cough Mixture Making. Can Anyone Help with the Following Please?

I Am Fairly New to Wine Making using Elderberries and I have Just Transferred the fermenting wine from the brewing bucket into a demijohn (Fitted with an airlock) for the 'Secondary Stage of Fermentation'. However, I have a bit of wine leftover from the 'bucket' (about 2/3 pint maybe) But Not Enough to Use in a 2nd Demijohn (Though it is in an airlock fitted spare demijohn at the moment). So I wondered if it may be possible to use this leftover to make an Elderberry Linctus/Cough Mixture, and...

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