How To: Awaken chakras

Awaken chakras

Interested in chakras? Boost the seven energy centers from the base of your spine to the top of your head for optimum health and vitality. Learn how to awaken chakras with help from this video.

What you will need:
• Controlled breathing
• Knowledge of chakra properties
• Focused energy
• A vibrational sound
• A mantra (optional)
• A chakra banner (optional)
• Chakra crystals (optional)

Step 1: Breathe
Sit with your back straight in a quiet space and take several deep, slow, controlled breaths. Actively breathe in, and slowly and passively breathe out.

Step 2: Visualize
Visualize the first, or root chakra, at the base of the spine. The second is in the reproductive area; the third is in the solar plexus; then the heart; the throat between the eyes; and at the crown of the head.

Step 3: Know chakra properties
Know the function associated with each chakra. The first is instinct, then creativity, power, love, communication, insight, and, finally, higher consciousness.

Step 4: Focus energy
Focus your energy on the root chakra. Visualize the color red, which is associated with this chakra, as a swirling ball of energy. With each breath, imagine the light growing brighter.

Step 5: Repeat
Focus one by one on the remaining chakras, visualizing an orange ball for the second chakra; then a yellow ball; a green ball; blue; indigo; and violet.

Step 6: Repeat vibrational sound
Repeat the vibrational sound associated with each chakra to release blocked energy. The first chakra's sound is "lam," then "vam," "ram," "yam," "ham," "sham," and, finally, "aum."

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