How To: Grow Eyebrows & Eyelashes (Naturally)

Grow Eyebrows & Eyelashes (Naturally)

Make your eyes beautiful & flirty - Naturally!

An ancient Indian beauty secret, to learn how to grow eyebrows and eyelashes thicker and longer naturally, by an Indian beauty blogger!

You will need:

  1. Castor oil (you can find these online)
  2. Vitamin E capsules ( all medical stores have these.
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Empty container
  5. Aloe vera gel (natural or packaged). This is optional but recommended.

Other products to keep handy:

  1. A tablespoon
  2. A needle or any sharp object to pierce the capsule.
  3. A pair of scissors, unless you don't mind having a bunch of empty capsule spaces in your capsule sheet :-P


Do this every night, just before bed, and sleep on it (do not wash).

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I have tried many eyelash growth serum products and sometimes would accidentally get a tiny bit into my eyes, other products burns but dermalmd eyelash serum is quite gentle. I also have sensitive skin and so far, no negative effects of any kind. I just started using this serum for about a week and haven't seen a difference yet, but will repost once I see changes. Great so far!

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