How To: Check yourself for breast cancer

Check yourself for breast cancer

This video is a film that was made to educate women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Middle East in general to get them to think about the subject of breast cancer and how to check yourself for signs of breast cancer. This is a highly senstive and taboo subject in that part of the world. While we can't prevent breast cancer, we can detect it. Women no longer have to lose their breast if it is detected early. We see women in the UAE discussing breast cancer and how their culture has treated it. In this culture, cancer has been something no one talks about, and women have been taught not to touch their own bodies and look for bad things. We see women overcoming this to learn to examine their bodies and get to know their bodies. These women explain how they examine their breasts. They look for changes, such as changes in size. They check to see if there is any discharge of fluid. They show various positions to put their arms and bodies in, and various techniques to use with your hands, to check for signs of breast cancer. It's good to examine the entire breast with circular movements with your fingers. If you find anything, don't be afraid. Not all lumps, dimples or other things you find are cancerous. Go see a doctor. Checking is about surviving. If every woman had a screening and mammogram, deaths from breast cancer would be drastically reduced. The breast cancer survivors in this film urge women to check themselves so they can live for a long, long time. As you take care of your hair or your beauty, you should take care of your body. Your body is a blessing from God.

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