How To: Cure a hangover after partying

Cure a hangover after partying

This video from Breafastindia demonstrates how to get rid of hangover after partying. Hangovers are simply caused by dehydration. There are ways by which you can prevent hangovers. Firstly do not drink alcoholic drinks; but that is not an option for most of the drinkers. There are other options too: to begin with, eat a large meal before you start to drink alcohol. Once you have started drinking, have a glass of water between drinks. Oranges and orange juice also relieves hangovers; the sugar in the fruit also boosts up your energy. Avoid coffee too because it further dehydrates you. You may eat bananas; this fruit is a natural antacid which relieves nausea. It is also high in magnesium which can relax the blood vessels. Do not take aspirin before you go bed because it will irritate your stomach lining. A hot water bath will also do you good!

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