How To: End constipation

End constipation

End constipation Constipation can lead to serious health consequences. According to traditional medicine, we should eliminate once every 2-3 days. However, naturalist say we should eliminate 2-3 times daily. What causes constipation? CRAP-coffee, refined sugar/starch, alcohol and processed foods. Eliminating these items from the diet will put you on the road to being constipation free. These things irritate the colon and digestive system. Another problem is suppression of the urge to go to the bathroom for a various reasons. The problem with constipation is the waste builds up in the colon, impacts it and causes the body to poison itself with its own toxins from the waste. To improve the function of the colon, we need to increase our water and fiber intake. Ground flaxseed is a wonderful source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Omega 3 is a good bowel lubricant. Taking these will help retrain the bowel. We also need a total cleanse.

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