How To: Function on little sleep

Function on little sleep

We've all had those nights where you had to cram in tons of things, and end up never making it to bed. If this sounds like you, or you are preparing to pull an all-nighter, this video will surely educate you on how to stay energized throughout the day.

After pulling an all-nighter, face the world without looking like a zombie.

Step 1: Drink caffeine

Drink beverages with lots of caffeine but little or no sugar. Avoid energy drinks, as they are high in sugar, which will make you crash hard later.

Step 2: Be active

Be physically active throughout the day. Take walks periodically get your blood flowing.

Step 3: Eat protein-rich food

Eat protein-rich foods for breakfast such as eggs, lean meats, and nuts, which will give you lasting energy.

TIP: Keep a bag of nuts on hand to snack on.

Step 4: Take a nap

Take a short nap in the afternoon – as little as 10 minutes! – to relieve your tired brain and body.

Did You Know? Drinking one beer when you are sleep-deprived has the effect of as many as two or three beers when you are well-rested.

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