How To: Get gum out of your hair without scissors

Get gum out of your hair without scissors

Getting gum in your hair is a huge bummer; its an icky sticky mess to clean. Luckily, the days of cutting the gum out of your hair and ruining your style are behind you! This tutorial will show you how to get that gross wad out with a few products found in your kitchen.
You Will Need
• Ice
• Plastic sandwich bag
• Olive oil
• Washcloth
• Peanut butter
• Wide-toothed comb
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Bag of frozen peas or corn (optional)

Step 1: Put ice in plastic bag
Put some ice in the plastic bag and seal it up.

Step 2: Freeze gum
Hold the bag against the gum in your hair. Freezing it will make it easier to get out.
If there's an unopened package of frozen peas or corn in the freezer, you can try using that instead of ice.

Step 3: Chip away gum
When the gum is good and hard, try gently pulling at it. If it won't come away without breaking your hair, it's time to try another tactic.

Step 4: Wet with olive oil or peanut butter
Pour a little olive oil over the gummy hair, holding a washcloth underneath it to catch any overflow. Or smear a little peanut butter in your hair where the gum is stuck. The idea is that the oil will make the gum slippery.
Don't just dab the oil or peanut butter onto your hair — knead it into the gum with your fingers or a washcloth.

Step 5: Use fingers or comb
Use your fingers or the comb to gently tease out the — hopefully — loosened bits of gum.

Step 6: Wash hair
Now hit the shower — you'll probably need to shampoo a few times to get all that gunk out. And next time, tie your hair out of your face before you blow the world's biggest bubble!

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