How To: Get rid of an ice cream headache

Get rid of an ice cream headache

When faced with the searing pain of brain freeze, use these quick tips to bring sweet relief.
You Will Need
* A glass of warm water or milk

Step 1
Eat slowly. Wolfing down your favorite frozen treat will trigger the dreaded ice cream headache.

Step 2
Pinch the bridge of your nose between your eyes and wait several seconds. The pain should subside.

You don't need to press hard to bring relief, just apply firm pressure.

Step 3
Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and, again, wait several seconds for relief.

Step 4
Sip warm water or milk for one of the fastest and easiest ways to relieve an ice cream headache.

Step 5
Wait. The pain is not permanent and will eventually pass. Follow these simple tips and you can have your ice cream and enjoy it, too.

Fact: People who suffer from migraines are more likely to experience an ice cream headache.

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