How To: Induce a still point to alleviate migraine headaches

Induce a still point to alleviate migraine headaches

This how to video explains how to induce a still point on yourself to alleviate the pain and pressure of a headache or migraine. Still points allow the cranio-sacral system to come to a complete stop and rest and start again. This small exercise is not intended for anyone who has a condition that causes increased pressure in the cranium. Watch to learn more about alleviating migrate pain.

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What is the name of that device? Ill try with the tennis balls anyway. Great Vid!!! Glad I found it!

Could you show in a picture the exact points which need to be pressed, please?

I'm in my 10 th day of "migraine".. Drs said it's some type of strange migraine and I wss admitted for several days..i can't take anymore! I'll try this and see what happens.. I'm miserable and thank you..

Blah, blah, blah,..."Let's get started" was a full 4 minutes in. At that point, I just didn't care anymore, because Jase had given me a headache. In addition, it was obvious that this guy just can't get to the point. Am I impatient with loquacious people, you bet. FYI: Your email address is onscreen, so you don't need to blab on and on about it! Bye!

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