How To: Lower your blood pressure naturally with Suzy Cohen

Lower your blood pressure naturally with Suzy Cohen

Suzy Cohen tells us in this video how to lower our blood pressure naturally. Believe it or not, the urinary tract is connected with our blood pressure. A dietary supplement called "Asparagus extract" is recommended. Asparagus in vegetable form is delicious when served with a little butter or feta cheese. When you take it as a supplement, you get a bigger dose. It is a wonderful diuretic, which means it makes you pee a lot. You should take it in the morning, so that you do not find yourself running to the bathroom at night. This is good because you pee a lot you decrease the pressure of the fluid volume that is running through your organs and your arteries and capillaries. Asparagus is also good for people who often have urinary tract symptoms or cystitis. It is high in zinc and selenium which are two minerals important to your immune system. It contains also folic acid which protects the heart. Altogether Asparagus extract is very good for lowering blood pressure. Another diuretic product, is Dandelion. Don't go looking for these flowers in your yard, because this product is a specially extracted version from a related plant. You can also use "Uva Ursi" for inflammation of the lower urinary tract. It is good for you if you have kidney stones, gout or pancreatitis because it reduces the chemical called "uric acid" in the body. The product "Green Tea Extract" is also a diuretic and this one can make you drowsy so it can be taken at night and it will help you rest.

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