How To: Lower your high blood pressure naturally

Lower your high blood pressure naturally

Lowering your blood pressure can have many positive effects on your health. Follow Dr. Matthew as he takes you through steps to lower your blood pressure through natural methods. The first place to start is by managing emotional factors such as life stress. These stressors can set the sympathetic system in motion raising your blood pressure. Deep belly breathing can decrease your blood pressure. These require taking deep breaths, taking in a lung full of oxygen, holding it, and then releasing it through your mouth. These will oxygenate the blood and lessen the amount of work the heart has to do to push oxygen through the body. You can also massage the carotid artery and this can reduce blood pressure. Diet can also play role in blood pressure. Processed food and fast food adds to problems with blood pressure. Get your cholesterol checked, monitor it, and find a way to reduce bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Monitor your blood pressure regularly and find natural ways such as deep breathing and exercise to reduce negative health issues. Dr. Matthew also recommends that therapeutic fasts as a help reduce stress, increase health and decrease blood pressure.

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