How To: Quit smoking and get through the withdrawals

Quit smoking and get through the withdrawals

Quitting smoking is incredibly difficult. It's hard enough to break the habit, but the withdrawals are even worse. In this tutorial, learn how to make the transition a little more bearable.
You Will Need
• Pen and paper
• Prescriptions
• OTC medications
• Hypnosis
• Clean home
• Water
• Sports drinks
• Fruit juice
• Healthy snacks
• Mint tea
• Activities
• Support group
• Counselor
• Exercise
• Gum (optional)
• Nasal spray (optional)
• Patches (optional)
• Prescriptions (optional)
• Straws (optional)
• Toothpicks (optional)
• Coffee stirrers (optional)

Step 1: Write down reasons
Write on a piece of paper all of the reasons you want to quit smoking. Keep the list to remind yourself of all the benefits. Look at your list when withdrawal symptoms occur.

Step 2: Use aids
Use prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and hypnosis to help you cope with smoking withdrawals and to reduce irritability.

Step 3: Clean your home
Clean your home and get rid of any tempting smells. Wash your carpets, drapes, upholstery, and clothing.

Step 4: Replace old habits
Avoid alcohol, sugar, and caffeine which may increase the urge to smoke. Drink water, sports drinks, and fruit juice instead.

Step 5: Carry healthy snacks
Munch on healthy snacks throughout the day such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. Keep sugar-free gum, candy, or lollipops handy to deter any cravings.

Step 6: Drink mint tea
Drink mint tea or enjoy a peppermint candy to help deter cravings that may occur after eating a meal.
Chew on a straw, toothpick, or coffee stirrer.

Step 7: Stay busy
Keep yourself busy with activities that promote exercise. Hang out in places where smoking is not allowed and avoid places or activities that you associate with smoking.

Step 8: Join support groups
Join a support group or get individual counseling to talk to someone about your psychological addiction.

Step 9: Walk
Go for a walk, bike ride, or go for a s

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