How To: Stop bloating after eating raw foods

Stop bloating after eating raw foods

Most of us aim at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and many of us incorporate raw food in our daily diet, to keep the calories under check. For some, this may result in a bloated and uneasy feeling. The reason for this could be many. However, primarily this arises due to the fact that our bodies are not habituated to handling so much fiber! This video shows how to deal with the problem, for those who experience this kind of bloated feeling. The first step necessary is to gently steam the raw veggies or sprouts, to mildly reduce their fiber content. The second way out is to take a digestive supplementary enzyme, along with the raw foods. The digestive enzymes help in breaking down certain fibers in the food. The third suggestion given is to ease your way through, by consuming softer foods first followed by the coarser and tougher foods. The fourth tip suggested is to blend the raw foods in a blender and consume it as soup etc. This will aid the digestion process and reduce effects of bloating. These tips, if sincerely adhered to, are bound to show fruitful results in a short period of time!

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