How To: Tea-tox


Feeling like you need to rid your body of a few toxins? A nice, hot cup of tea isn't just soothing; some varieties have health and diet benefits. See which brew might be right for you. Learn how to tea-tox with help from this video.

What you will need:
• Roselle tea
• Rose hip tea
• Puerh tea
• Oolong tea
• White tea
• Dandelion tea
• Green tea
• Chamomile tea
• Rooibos tea (optional)
• Fresh lemon juice (optional)

Step 1: Clear your colon
Clear your colon with roselle tea. When drunk in large amounts, it can function as a mild laxative.

Step 2: Calm your complexion with rose hip tea
Calm your complexion with tea made from rose hips; they're a rich source of A and C vitamins, all of which help reduce skin inflammation.

Step 3: Slim down
Slim down with Puerh, oolong, or white tea. All three have shown promise: research shows that white tea extract may reduce the growth of fat cells; Chinese oolong boosts calorie burn by 3 to 4 percent for up to two hours after drinking; and drinking three cups of Puerh a day for 30 days can lower blood fats.

Step 4: De-bloat
Get rid of bloating with dandelion tea. A diuretic, it will help you shed water weight.

Step 5: Slow down aging
Take a shot at the fountain of youth with green tea, which is being studied for its possible ability to slow skin aging. It's loaded with antioxidants that may help eliminate the free radicals that cause skin damage.

Step 6: Stimulate your immune system
Boost your resistance to infections with white tea. One study indicated white tea extract fights the growth of bacteria that cause pneumonia and staph infections. Or brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea, which contains compounds that fight infection.

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