How To: Remove tar from skin

Remove tar from skin

We've all been there, taking a nice stroll along the beach and, oh no, a big splotch of tar is plastered on your foot! No need to worry because there are a variety of everyday products that get that tar right off.

You can remove tar from your skin with common household and beauty products.

You Will Need

* Water
* Soap
* Pumice stone
* Mayonnaise
* Cooking oil
* Baby oil
* Suntan oil
* Commercial solvent
* Clean, soft cloth
* Gasoline
* Soap that contains pumice (optional)

Step 1: Use pumice

Soak the affected area in soapy water and use the pumice stone to gently buff the tar away from your skin.

You can purchase soap that contains pumice as an ingredient.

Step 2: Use mayonnaise or cooking oil

Apply mayonnaise or cooking oil to break down and loosen the tar. Then scrub your skin with the pumice stone and wash away any residue.

Step 3: Apply oily product

Apply an oily product such as baby oil or suntan oil. The oil will break down the tar and allow you to buff it away with the pumice stone.

Step 4: Apply solvent or lubricant

Apply a commercial solvent or lubricant made for removing tacky substances.

Step 5: Dab with gasoline

Dab your skin with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of gasoline. Blot the affected area and to wash thoroughly afterwards, as gasoline can be irritating to your skin.

The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles contain the fossils of many prehistoric animals.

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