How To: Remedy acid reflux

Remedy acid reflux

Sick of that burning, persistent, acid sensation? With a couple of easy steps, you can put your stomach at ease and boost digestive health.
You Will Need
* A healthy diet
* Water
* Cumin
* A healthy weight
* A doctor

Step 1: Avoid fried foods
Avoid fried foods, like French fries and onion rings, and foods that are high in acid, such as raw onions, garlic, hot peppers, and tomato sauce.

Bake instead of frying. It's healthier, and more stomach-friendly.

Step 2: Minimize dairy
Minimize your intake of dairy products. Lactose is a common cause of acid reflux. If you crave dairy, stick to low-fat products or try rice or soy alternatives like rice milk.

Step 3: Eat smaller meals
Reduce your portion size.

Step 4: Drink water
Drink lots of water. To neutralize stomach acids, add a pinch of cumin to each glass.

Step 5: Don't drink or smoke
Don't drink or smoke. Alcohol and smoking exacerbate stomach problems.

Step 6: Allow time for digestion
Allow two to three hours for digestion before going to bed.

Elevate your head six inches while sleeping. The gravity promotes better digestive function.

Step 7: Keep your weight in check
Lose weight if you are overweight. There is a correlation between obesity and acid reflux.

Step 8: See a doctor
If you experience frequent acid reflux, consult a doctor.

Fact: English chemist William Prout discovered that the human stomach contains hydrochloric acid in 1823.

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